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Lean Six Sigma Basic Principles 2016

This course provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of how Lean Manufacturing works in a manufacturing company.

Quality Consulting Group Lean Six Sigma Basic Principles Event

Lean concepts (why lean, lean terminology, identifying wastes, Value Stream Mapping methods and the linkage between lean and Six Sigma) and lean practices (streamlining the value stream, workplace organization, ensuring predictability and consistency, set-up reduction, TPM, the visual workplace and continuous improvement) are covered. The course provides the learner with lean implementation suggestions including approaches for addressing people issues, collecting and analyzing data to plan and track lean efforts, process workflow and layouts options with rationale and a sequential roadmap.

Some of the topics that will be covered during training section:
1. Lean Origins and Principles
2. Value and Flow
3. 8 Wastes
4. Process Maps
5. Poke Yoke
6. 5S
7. Practice Excercises

Course Details:
Date: Saturday November 12 2016
Duration:  9:00am Р5:00pm
Location: Quality Academia Training Rooms (Buchanan Office Center Suite 304-305, Road 165, No. 40 Guaynabo, P.R)
Price: $150.00

Contact us if you have any questions: (787) 418-0240

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